(2/12/12)Well we have a new site up!! I am in the process of changing the theme and adjusting settings, etc. Please visit back from time to time to see what is going on. Hope to have all the music back up soon!!

(10/20/09)Hey to all of you out there. Well, its been a while since I updated the site but, I think I speak for all of us. When, I say we are still adjusting.. However, I just wanted to let everyone know that we are well and appreciate your visit to the site. Although, I havent worked on anything lately, at some point I still plan to add more audio clips on the site.. So, continue to check back from time to time. Once again, thanks to everyone for your support!!

(3/15/09) Hey to all you Abbey fans. Hope all is well. Today our lives have been changed forever.. This is very personal for me but, the Abbey family has lost a cherished member. Sammy Morales… One would have never thought such a shining star could fade.. I cant tell you how much this hurts all of us. But, Sam is in a better place now. And most of all he is not suffering anymore. Sam was a caring, honorable, and great man. Not only to me but, to everyone he met.. Thanks to everyone that has supported us and Sam over the years. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart he appreciates every single one of you. His voice may be gone but, it will live on… In our ears.. and in our hearts. I promise you that. Sammy WE LOVE YOU!!

Organ donation is at a all time low. My dad didnt get his chance but, become a donor. And save a life. We will continue to honor Sam by promoting donor education. Click the image below for more info:

(7/21/08)Well, we made it through Sammys benefit. And I must say it was a complete success, thanks to all of you!! I would like to personally thank everyone..the bands..Annette..our and friends. This would not have been possible without all of your time and effort. Days like this show the hearts of great people and the overwhelming effect that music has on our lives. Music brings people of all walks of life together. Because, to most that were there..The sounds of The Abbey connected all of us in some way or another, over the past 40 years. So when I see these guys get up on stage..I know I have been truly blessed to become a part of that history..

Again thanks to everyone for supporting the band!!! This dance was also, dedicated to the memory of Johnny Turner and Roland Heinsohn.

If you have pictures from the benefit. Please, share with us!! We would love to add them to our gallery!! Gallery link ABOVE!! (Two pages In the gallery now If you can not find the latest pics). So bookmark this site!!! KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE!!!


CD’S, T-SHIRTS, AND CAPS AVAILABLE!!(contact us for more info.)

NEWS FLASH!!(6-05-06) WOW!!! What a show!!! Ok, with that said, I finally made it home to update the site. Saturday was amazing to say the least. The band sounded great and the fans were AWESOME!! I was totally blown away. I know I am not alone now:.) I am posting some pics from the K-town show. Hope to get more soon. If you have some and would like to share. Email me and I will post them. I would like to thank the band and the fans for making June 3rd one of the best days of my life. Proving once again the sounds of the Abbey are truly timeless. Ryan~

Bio: Original members include Rick Kotara, Denis Kotara, Sammy Morales, Kurt Warnken, Shorty Heinsohn, Jerry Teltschik, and Jeffery Teltschik. The band formed around 1970 and quickly became one of the biggest bands to hit south Texas. Setting attendance records and didn’t stop putting on great shows until 1981. In 1991 and 1992 the universe opened up and gave us the 1st reunion dances. Now, in 2006 the moon and stars have lined up once again, keeping the music alive!

I could say alot about the band and go on and on. But, In short..(maybe)..I started working on their music for my dad Sammy about…5 years ago..I could be off.. But, It first started as a Christmas gift and has turned into so much more.. More than I ever dreamed.. Now we are here and with a technology twist we are going to have CD’s, etc. available and the band is going to play again!! Stay tuned as I am going to be adding more to the site. Also, let us know what you think!! We would love to hear from you!! Click on contact us and leave a message. Anything goes:.) Finally, I have added a guest book(located above). Please, leave a message for the boys!

Click on a song to listen to a preview!! Abbey clips here!! I will be adding more previews every chance I get so, check back soon!!

No band members currently listed.

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  1. Sharon June 27, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    How do I get in touch to buy a CD?

  2. S. Beicker September 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    I also would like to buy a CD please?

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